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- Displays hour, minuite, second
- Accurate to withing 60 seconds a year
- Water-resistant to a depth of 30m
- Shock resistant
- Synthetic ruby time screen
- Light sensor
- Command button located at "6 o´clock" position

Battery Requirements
Two UCAR 357 with spacer ring. (Two Ray-O-Vac RW 25 power cells.)

Model Number
#2800 18kt Gold case/bracelet
Product Information
This Pulsar model was the world´s first solid-state wrist Time Computer, introduced in the Spring of 1972. Many reports say only 400 units but strong evidence exists that 450 were manufactured.
Power cell replacement and setting were the only two services a jeweler could perform. All other servicing must been done at the Lancaster Service Center.

Note: Pulsar thought that there would never be a problem so they sealed the caseback leaving access only for two battery ports. After discovering a flaw in one of the chips in the module circuitry all Limited Edition watch sold to that date were recalled. Pulsar replaced the defective module with an updated module developed for the next production Pulsar, the PII. Some P1 watches left the factory with the updated module. There are many rummors about the P1s history but some are untrue, like the rummor that some of these watches were melted down to recycle the 18k gold. It is also untrue that all the 400 watches were sold in three days, there are several documented Limited Edition P1 watches purchased months after the April 4th 1972 introduction

Photo: i&d´s cultivation
Photos: Steve Sanchez

Photos: S Gunning

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