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Ernest Trova (1929 - 2009)    H A M I L T O N  Pulsar


The Trova Pulsar was the first case design in the transition from the Hamilton - E/D prototype to the first production Pulsar. By mid 1970, the first Hamilton-E/D prototype, housing the 44-IC module was proving to be unreliable. A new watch case was needed to house a new electronic module. Hamilton commissioned Ernest T. Trova to design a new case for the 2nd generation, 25-IC module being developed jointly by Hamilton and Electro Data. This case was mentioned in several announcements, it was to go into production in early 1971. The Pulsar was to be a limited production watch, each numbered and signed by Trova. The Trova case was one of several designs for the 25-IC module that never made it to production. This was the only Pulsar designed by Trova before Jean Wuischpard was brought in to design the Pulsar watches.

Richard Campbell, who headed the engineering drafting department at Hamilton's Military Division assigned Robert E. McCullough to convert the Trova design (sketch below) to a technical drawing for production.   "Too radical" was whispered through the halls in Lancaster when the design circulated around the company. Management believed a more traditional design was more practical for the first production Pulsar.

It's easy to see how Trova�s futuristic spaceman design for Hamilton�s futuristic watch was conceived. One only need study the history of his accomplishments.  One of Ernest Trova's most famous sculptures, Falling Man from the 1960's, as well as other sculptures, often resembled humanoids.

Several 70�s media articles mistakenly gave reference to the original Hamilton - E/D prototype as being designed by Ernest Trova. This misinformation is responsible for many enthusiasts to believe Trova�s design was the world�s first digital LED timepiece introduced May 5th, 1970. is proud to set the historical record straight.


(Above)  The Technical drawing of the Trova concept Pulsar, dated August 6th, 1970.  This design was to utilize the same 25-IC Electro Data module later used in the first production Pulsar.  The dashed lines represent the module. You can see the outer radius would have made this a very large watch. Trova's case was 25% wider and 38% longer than the final production Limited Edition Pulsar.





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