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- Displays hour, minute, second, month, date, has AM/PM indicators
- Accurate to within 60 seconds a year
- "Smart Calendar" knows the difference between 30 and 31 day month and changes automatically. February is programmed for 29 days, so no adjustment is required in leap year. In other years, change date only on March 1st.
- Water-resistant to a depth of 30 m
- Shock-resistant
- Mineralite glass time screen
- Magnetic switching
- Light sensor
- Fine-adjust timing trimmer on back of module
- Rough-adjust flat timing trimmer on front of module
- Command buttons at "9 o'clock" position (month/date) and at "3 o'clock" position (time)

Battery Requirements
#357 with Spacers.

Module Number: 301  

Product Information
This, along with the Date II model, is the first Pulsar month-and-date model. They were both introduced in the fall of 1973 but the Date II wasn't available until the Spring of 1974. The modules are the same in both models.

Additional information
The Stainless Steel Date/Command models came with a white logo on the crystal, the gold colored models had a gold logo.

Model Numbers

# 3100 Stainless Steel Case/Bracelet
# 3336 Stainless Steel Case/Strap
# 3120 14kt Gold-Filled Case/10k GF Bracelet 
# 3376 14kt Gold-Filled Case/Strap
# 3115 14kt Gold Top/ Stainless Steel Back/10k GF Gold Filled Bracelet
# 3396 14kt Gold/Top Stainless Steel Back/ Strap
# 3130 14kt Gold Case/Bracelet
# 3386 14kt Gold
14kt Gold Buckle
# 3140 18kt Gold Case/Bracelet
# 3366 18kt Gold
18kt Gold Buckle