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Spacers & Batteries 

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(No international Shipping)

You get (2) two 357/303 Silver Oxide batteries and (2) two spacers to fit the older Pulsars like the P1 model 2800, All P2 one Button models, All P2-Date II & P3 Date-Command models (Please check the "Models" section to verify your model ). These can also be used for the Omega TC-1,  TC-2 & TC-3 models as well as the Hamilton QED one and two button models that used the Time Computer, Inc. modules. These batteries & spacers will replace the discontinued #355 batteries that were originally used in these models. 

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Digital Watch - LED

by Mondo Watch


Contact H.A.L.

 This book has 76 pages dedicated to the Pulsar LED watch!

You can see my review of these books here:  Pulsar Forum 


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