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This site is dedicated to the Old Pulsar LED watches manufactured from 1972 through 1977.  I hope you'll enjoy browsing through the Virtual Museum where you can find just about all the information there is about:

"The Worlds First LED Digital Watch"

The Hamilton/Pulsar was the first LED solid state  digital watch . It is well documented in history through the US Patent office and the Smithsonian Institution. I also need to mention that the Seiko Watch Co. of Japan purchased the Pulsar name and owns all legal rights to the name. Any mention of the Pulsar name in reference to watches on this website is solely in respect to the old original Pulsar LED watches that were manufactured by Time Computer, Inc. before name was sold. 

Time Computer is the Registered Trademark of Time Computer, Inc. P.O. Box 5310, Englewood, FL

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Commercial #1  . . .  Pulsar, The Time Computer
Commercial #2  . . .  New way to tell time
Commercial #3  . . .  Change the way we tell time
Commercial #4  . . .  It's about time!
August 12, 2010               A special thanks to collector Lloyd Harvey from London for discovering these commercials


Pulsar Talk

Pulsar in the Movies   "Bond........ James Bond"

James Bond . . . Probably the most notorious Pulsar watch of them all. When the Roger Moore Pulsar was featured in the Bond movie "Live and Let Die" it sunk deep in everyone's mind forever.  Mention of this scene is often in many Pulsar descriptions on eBay for just about every model being sold. But ONLY the Stainless Steel P2 model #2900 Pulsar was ever in any Bond movie. The first scene is the only time you'll see the Pulsar, Bond soon replaces his Pulsar with the Famous magnetized Rolex, you know, the one he uses to unzip the back of the dress of the young beauty.  Also worth mentioning is the survey done a few years ago asking Bond fans to vote for the favorite "Gizmo" in any Bond movie. The Rolex in this movie won top honors! View the article-October 8th 2002



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March 26, 2005 (Revised Oct. 1st 2014)

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Pulsar in the Smithsonian . . . One of the most prestigious awards for an invention is for it to be displayed in the Museum at the Smithsonian Institute in Washington DC. Imagine how many watches there are in the world, then realize there are only a few wristwatches on display at the museum. One needs to consider how important this watch is in the Horology category. Somebody out there would have a hard time convincing me that any other wristwatch has had the impact that the First LED Digital Watch has had on this planet. Invented over 35 years ago, it still has the mystique, charm, and well.....still the coolest damn watch there is! You have to ask yourself....out of all the watches sold today, what percentage are Digital?

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SI P1.jpg (76110 bytes)On the technical side, the first electronic module had 25 ICs (Integrated Chips) and was completely transistorized with no "moving parts". That in conjunction with the LED digital display (which seemed to hypnotize people) started the digital frenzy.  Everybody wanted one but only the fortunate could afford it. This watch had such a tremendous impact it just could not go unnoticed by the museum. This truly is the watch that "Changed the Way We Tell Time". When John M. Bergey and Richard S. Walton donated these items to the Museum they built a display for the whole world to see. Thanks to a collector friend, those that can't go to the Smithsonian can get a glimpse. 

Thanks GMS! 

You'll find more information on the Limited Edition by clicking on the Models button on the navigator (controller) and going to the Model 2800 or Limited Edition.

March 29, 2005

Pulsar on the Antiques Roadshow . . . One of the world's top LED watch collectors takes his collection to London for one of the biggest Roadshow events ever. Celebrating 30 years, Antiques Roadshow goes back to the 70's, when the show began. The show's theme was investments made in 70's collectables. With a watch that originally sold for $2.100 in 1972, then nearly $18,000 almost 35 years later, the Pulsar Limited Edition certainly fits the billing! This fantastic 5 min. 37 sec. video gives Pulsar and other LED watches the recognition they deserve . . . Great job Lloyd!

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March 30, 2008




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Battery &  Spacer  Kit

$12.00  Free  Shipping to the USA ONLY (No international shipping)

You get (2) two 357/303 Silver Oxide batteries and (2) two spacers to fit the older Pulsars like the P1 model 2800, All P2 one Button models, All P2-Date II & P3 Date-Command models (Please check the "Models" section to verify your model ). These can also be used for the Omega TC-1,  TC-2 & TC-3 models as well as the Hamilton QED one and two button models that used the Time Computer, Inc. modules. These batteries & spacers will replace the discontinued #355 batteries that were originally used in these models. 

SORRY - - Due to the new high USPS prices, we do NOT ship outside of the USA ................... Please see payment details below.



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