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P4  BigTime 

- A flick of your wrist flashes the hour and minutes
- Push button to display hour, minutes, seconds, month, date. Has AM/PM indicators
- Accurate to within 60 seconds a year
- "Smart Calendar" adjusts automatically for 29, 30 and 31-day months.
- Water-resistant to a depth of 30m
- Shock resistant
- Mineralite time screen
- Auto/Set
- Light sensor
- Flat timing trimmer on back of module
- Command buttons at 12 and 6 o'clock positions

Module - 401,402, 403

-Two #357/303 Silver Oxide

Setting   Instructions:

- Magnet Set

- Auto-Set

- D.O.W. Models


- Brochure 1

- Brochure 2

- Brochure 3






Product Information

The BigTime model is the rarer of the Auto-Command models. Only available in Stainless with a bracelet unique only to this model. Early models, introduced in 1975, came with the 401 magnet-set module. In late 1975 the 402 and 403 modules were introduced. This model is referenced in the Technical Manual as P4-"LF", which means Large Filter. 

Model Numbers  


Stainless Steel case and bracelet


Stainless Steel case and bracelet (Day of the Week)


Leather straps were not an  option for the Classic models!

Collector's Notes

This model is also referenced as the P4-LF for its Large Filter.  The case design is more of a Sport design compared to other P4 models. The exposed edges of the mineralite time screen make it vulnerable to chipping. Finding this model with a perfect time screen is very rare. Because the bracelet is unique, links are also hard to find. No other models utilized this bracelet.

The BigTime was only available in Stainless Steel. Pulsar's largest dealer, Tiffany & Co. also marketed the full model lineup with their custom logo.

The BigTime is one of two AC models to have the 403, DOW module. Along with displaying the date, it displays the Day Of the Week with two vertical characters. 

Some of the early models with the 402, Auto-Set module still had the setting indentations in the caseback. The stamped lettering (HR/MIN) was not paint filled on these casebacks. 

The BigTime was not available with the 406, 24 Hour module.

The rarest models are the Tiffany & Co. versions, which came in both 3215 and 3315 models.