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P4  Executive 

- A flick of your wrist flashes the hour and minutes
- Push button to display hour, minutes, seconds, month, date. 
- Accurate to within 60 seconds a year
- "Smart Calendar" adjusts automatically for 29, 30 and 31-day months.
- Water-resistant to a depth of 30 meters
- Shock resistant
- Mineralite or Sapphire time screen
- Manual or Auto/Set
- Light sensor
- Flat timing trimmer on back of module
- Command buttons at 12 and 6 o'clock positions
- 24 Hour models do not have AM/PM indicators

Module - 401,402, 406

-Two #357/303 Silver Oxide

Setting   Instructions:

- Magnet Set

- Auto-Set

- 24 Hour Models


- Brochure 1

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- Brochure 3

- S.A. Brochure






Product Information

The Executive is a smaller version of the earlier P3 Date Command. The bracelet has the same adjustment links as others models with the same bracelet. The Executive was offered in many different models and was the first of the AC models released. First models, introduced in the Fall of 1975, came with the 401 Magnet-Set module. In early 1976, the 406 (24 hr) modules were introduced for this model only.

Model Numbers  


Stainless Steel case and bracelet


Stainless Steel case and bracelet (24 HR)


14k Gold-Fill Case and 10k G.F Bracelet


14k Gold-Fill Case and Bracelet (24 HR)


14k Solid Gold Case and Bracelet


14k Solid Gold Case and Bracelet (24 HR)


18k Solid Gold Case and Bracelet


18k Solid Gold Case and Bracelet (24 HR)

Three Leather straps in both Black and Brown were available for these models. The Technical Manual indicates these models with "-1" after the model number (i.e. 3201-1). The standard strap length was Medium with an optional "S" (short) and "L" (long).  Larger dealers had the "Merchandising Kit"  on hand to accommodate their customers.

Collector's Notes

Due to the high demand, two different manufactures made the cases and bracelets for this model. Both Star Watch Case (Michigan, USA) and Piquerez S.A, Switzerland) made cases. Besides the different casebacks, there is a difference in the size of the lugs. There also were two manufactures for the bracelets. Bear (Japan) made the stainless steel solid type and Jacoby Bender (USA) made the wrap-around (hollow) type in Gold, G.F. and Stainless Steel.

There are two crystal types used for the Executive. The standard mineralite and the VERY rare sapphire crystal. Unlike many other models, there was only one Pulsar logo size. Pulsar's largest dealer, Tiffany & Co. also marketed the full model lineup with their custom logo.

The Executive is the only AC model to have the 406, 24-hour module. This was marketed to military and countries that use the 24-hour format. The Executive was not available with the 403, D.O.W. module.

The rarest are the 14k and 18k Solid Gold models and any Tiffany & Co. versions. The 24hr models are also quite rare, particularly the SG models. Over the years, there were several Boxes used for the standard models.







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14K Solid Gold 18K Solid Gold

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Solid Link Hollow Solid Link Hollow

401 Magnet-Set 402 Auto-Set 406 24-Hour

Case A Case B  Case C

Caseback A Caseback B Caseback C

Piquerez and Star case comparison



P4 Jewelers Technical Kit



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