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webmaster, USA



chris carrier, United States
I love your site, I have recently purchased a vintage pulsar from a seller on Ebay, I am sure it is not in complet working order, Would you be able to repair it for me.

Joe Parker, USA
Great site. Where can I find a battery for one of these?(serial#37342)

Richard G. Powell, USA
Great site!!!

bill Spencer, usa
What colors does the new Inverta come in

David Roesch, USA
My Pulsar is face is 1' x 5/8". It appears to have some delamination and has Pulsar in the lower right corner of the red face. It is 14K gold filled. It has two buttons that are even with the case; one for day date and one for time. It has a woven mesh band and and Time Computer Inc. is printed on the back.It also has Pulsar 753987 stamped on the back. What do I have? I woulld like a new chrystal, if possible.

Doug Deaton, USA
Have questions on keeping my stainless steel Astronaut running smoothly. Contact problem?

Laurent Semmel, Fance
Thanks for your site.
2 points :
1. How can we recongnize an original dot module from a new and nonpulsar one ? I got a awesome P2 with bright led but how to know if the module is old or new ?
2. Please, email me when the new TC is done.
Thank you for your reply.

Lee Wolansky, USA
I am interested in your NEW Time Computer. Please feel free to email me when more information is available or the watch is available to purchase.

bill spencer, usa
I am interested in purchasing your NEW Time Computer when available, I hope you will have a gold or goldtone model. When will we be able to see these? Looking forward to your reply! Thanks!

Bob Fershau, Canada
I purdchased my pulsar at Birks Jewlers in Vancouver 1972 for $450. The watch is 10k gold filed and stamped with the #16750. I see no refferance to this # in the pulsar site. The watch no longer works. Could someone please tell me where I could have it fixed and the value of the watch

Jef Richards, USA
Wonderful site! Let's start a campaign to get someone to build replacement modules for the old Pulsars, so that some of the beautiful old cases can still be used after their module goes bad.

Arn, USA
Can anyone recommend a repair service for my Pulsar #5408-2, I have original boxes. Willing to trade for working watch of similar value.

john king, scotland UK.
excellent info regarding regarding the PULSAR SPORT.Icant imagine what we would do without you.Thanks again.

Steve Magner, USA
Do you know of a reputable repair facility for old Pulsar watches ? Fold filled mens bracelet LED purchased from Neiman Marcus in the 70's.

David M Gellatly, USA Savannah, Ga
You and I were bidding on the same Pulsae Command Watch a few days ago. I backed off when I noticed there was no Pulsar Logo on the red lense. That may be normal, as I know very little about the Pulsar LED. I bought another on for $559.00 and it looks good on eBay. I will have to wait unitl its shiped to find out for sure. You have a great WEB Page. Thanks for all the information.

Fabio Carosone, Australia
After being somewhat dismissed by Seiko, I found this website and learnt a lot about our old gold Pulsar. I hope I can find out the model of a ladies watch 18 kt, black leather strap. I do not have the instructions, and I do not know what batteries are required. Thank you.

Just a great site for these watches, how could it get any better, thanks!

Grant Thompson, Canada
This is a great site for information on the old Pulsars from the 1970s. Keep up the good work!!

Emilio from Lecce, Italy
Great site.Lots of interesting informations!

Alessio Roma, Italy - EU
Got my first Timex LED in '76 as a 10th B-day present. Switched to LCD in '79 then I bought back a NOS Helvetia LED in '86. Worn for 20 years - never had a problem. Time for a Pulsar now, but it's not a matter of fashion or collection value. I've always had an LED watch - and Pulsar is the king of 'em all.

Alex Duran, USA
Nice site

john king, scotland
thanks for the infomation, keep up the good work.

nick milward, united kingdom
hi,im looking for a manuel +watch box for pulsar,date command (1973)if any one can help,please email me.thanks nick

Benjamin Swanson, USA
I'm looking for 2 or 4 batteries to fit a DATE II PULSAR. Any tips?

Nobuyuki Mogi, JAPAN
Time is very delayed though it has pulsar P3(DATE/COMMAND). The difference is delayed the
day about ten seconds and I want to adjust it. Please teach be good when it does very.

David Morgan, USA
I was the project engineer at RCA Corportion Somerville NJ that designed the CMOS watch chip that was in the Pulsar

J.C. Kovach, USA
How do you get serial number list? I have one of the gold 3000 series with a button on each side with the ruby crystal and magnet setting in wristband.

Michae Coulson, US
I have an old Pulsar watch that is too small for my wrist. Where can I get some extra links.

Mike Coulson, usa
Just got my first Pulsar and did not know how to operate it, thanks for the great info.

John A Guerriero, United States
Does anyone have the magnet to set the time?...I lost mine.Thanks John

Steve Kammeraad, USA
I am able to perform many repairs on Pulsars. I don't charge for estimates or repairs that are unsuccessful. Don’t hesitate to contact me with questions.

ed sterling, U.S.A.
Any news or parts now available for repairing the Pulsar II? Last checked l year ago. Thanks in advance for any leads. ed

Kevin Dixon, USA
Just got a nice original 3315-2! Thanks for the great website!

Randy, Canada
Im a first time Pulsar owner just love these watches,excellent site,Thanks

Arvid Lindberg, Sweden
Many thanks for a superb page and forum for us Pulsar enthusiasts!

Richard Straus, The Netherlands
I want the original logo on my Date command, is this possible, it owe this to this great watch!

Frank Howard, USA
I would like to know what I need and how to buff the watch in the original brushed finish.

joe grish, usa
need tool to remove back so i am able to replace batteries

bill chesley, usa
just had the battery in my p2 changed and the jeweler couldn't change the time. thanks for the info.

Ed Sterling, U.S.A.
Its been almost a year since I tried to find a replacement L.E.D. module for my Pulsar II. Suddenly thought I'd send this email should anyone know of a U.S.A. source? Would love to be able to wear and depend on my Pulsar once again. Regards. ed.

Brian Haley, USA
Enjoyed learning more about LED watches, the pulsar in particular from this site. Hope to own a Pulsar one day, hopefully soon :)

Glenn Greenawalt, USA
I love old Pulsar LED'S I am also interested in history of them...Thanks

Scott Nichols, Australia
I am interested in getting my hands on some parts for my 3201-2 watch. Great site! The best there is!!

june reynolds, USA
ladies model! found at thrift store for 3 bucks! thanks for the auto-set instructions.

Michael Berlin, USA
I am selling my Pulsar Model 3201-2 SS watch in excellent condition. Please email me with your offer.

Carson Courtney, USA
Enjoyed reading your entire website. I received a Pulsar as a gift in 1975 and currently own the Executive. Do you know where I can get magnets for setting the time?

Willie HO, Hong Kong
Hi, It is my great pleassure to be here and learn all those LED history which is impossible for me to know about, also it's my great pleasure to know the website owner, fantastic, believe it.

Larry Stemp, USA
I am an Accutronman finding no increase in value of accurons. I am switching my focus to Pulsars. I love great 60-70s watches. You have a great site. Larry Stemp doclarry@sprintmail.copm

Lawson K. Stevenson, USA
Nice site, thank you. I was looking for batteries for my Pulsar and found you.

Ronald Zonneveld, Netherlands
Nice site. I discovered it before i had my own pulsar. now that i have this is a very good resource for getting info about those old collectors watches

keep up the good work

hany, egypt

Kevin Carpenter, USA
You have created a terrific resource for those of us who really appreciate these beautiful watches. Many thanks.

fredy diaz, colombia
i need shoping a clock ledwatch
necesito comprar un modelo de estos, por favor(please) informeme como puedo comprarlo en Colombia

Rico Januar, Indonesia
Can i get the original PULSAR LED watch in Indonesia ?

Ron Stephens, USA
Great Site, Just received my Pulsar Tech Manual and it is sure worth the $.Keep up the great work.

Jon Cleary, England
Great Site!
Have been always curious about Pulsars since seeing Live and Let Die and finally got an identical P2 a couple of years ago. Always looking for more parts/adverts etc.


Stefano Mach, Italy
The emotions that i feel every time i push the botton of one of my pulsar is amazing....thanks for this fantastic web site

Luca Marenzi, England
I bought an early Hamilton Quartz Time Computer recently, on a whim really because I always loved the idea that these watches were prized and super accurate time-pieces which you could get in gold and for very high prices and then within a few years better technology cost just a few dollars to buy at any petrol station. But when I saw the watch I fell in love with it, although I hope, in time, to buy one which is solid gold rather than just gold-filled. These watches and this site are dead cool. Rock on.

Chris McColm, U.S.A.
Original Owner of bothe the date just and the latr one with the internal mercury switch that allows you to turn your wrist to see the time . Both stainless.. mint. Still get the attention it did when it was new.

Peter Manfre, USA
I have been collecting these for 25+ years. I have 12 working Pulsars of various models and an large collection of modules for most of them....and always looking for more pulsars and parts.

Richard .L.Hyatte, USA
Great Fourm site
My first was a 3100 then was talked into trading it in for a 3408 , still have it but the band is gone.

Frank D. Del Pizzo, United States
I am so in love with LED Watches. My very first watch was an LED that I purchased when I as 16. It wasn't a Pulsar though. At that age I could not afford one. Now! I have three in my collection, and I am hoping to add more. The Pulsars are my all time favorite. I would like to hank you for this web site. It has given me a wealth of knowledge and insight. It has made me appreciate these watches even more. I am happy that I found fellow aficionados. Thank you gain!!!!

André, Germany
Owning an old Pulsar II I must say that this site is the most interesting and informative platform concerning Pulsar I've ever found ! Nothing corresponding here in Germany ! Thank you very much !

James Droster, USA
Great site thanks for the great info here .

Steve Holowach, USA
I bought a Pulsar Astronaut with no date feature from the King of Prussia Bailey, Banks & Biddle in 1973. Since then I have also purchsed a Hamilton MIB that unfortunately lacks the original sophisticated technology including hermetically sealed reed switches, ambient light sensor, 2500 g-rating and waterproofing to boot! Thanks for keeping the old Pulsars alive.

Penny Markowitz, USA
My thanks and gratitude for this very fine site and for a gentleman who is willing to take the time (pardon the pun) and make the effort to educate a Pulsar novice. Not only is their obvious love for these Pulsars, there is also a tremendous amount of knowledge! Thank you!!!

Chuck Jackson, USA
Just a great site for these watches, how could it get any better, thanks!

Paul Lauro, USA
I must say this is the only and utmost amazing sight for pulsars! The info is beyond great. I enjoyed our conversation and will cherish the wisdom that came from it as well the help in finding the right watches that are by far the prizes of my watch collection. Anyone who is seeking pulsar watches would be hard pressed to find information better or more accurate then, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything PEACE BE WITH YOU ALWAYS, PAUL.

Marty Doctor,
The best site on the internet for Pulsar LED watches. I am hooked and am wanting to start a collection.

barclay hoare, UK
super site . you can cross reference every pulsar on this site . the owner realy is the chairman of the board

Pat Meehan, Oldsmar, Florida
I own a Pulsar Calculator Watch from the 70's. It has a stylist to press the number keys. The watch needs a battery and repairs. Could anyone recommend a source for the battery and repair of this unique watch.

Walt Shirk, PA USA
I have a Pulsar watch in hand. Trying to locate model number. Where can I find it?? Only ID number I see inside backing in Module 104, can you help me>>Thanks, Walt

Carl Davis , England
Great site,I am now hooked and looking to buy my first Pulsar

Ed Sterling, U.S.A.
I don't know if this is true, but a middle aged jeweler gave me a possible reason why my Pulser II loses about 20-21 seconds within 2 days after setting: the batteries now being used in the Pulsar do not put out the same voltage as the original batteries made for this time computer. Jeweler not sure, but an interesting reason why.

Ralph Giglio, USA
Hello & Thanks . Your e-mail was bitter sweet . I didn't realize how hard it would be to find a gold band for my 3130 . Yet I'm encouraged by your two referrals - thank you . Twenty five years ago while throwing a party a so-called friend helped himself to my band and my girlfriends jewelry though he left the time piece - go figure . I saw an ad for the MEN IN BLACK Hamilton watch and got excited all over again . I took out a jewelers cloth and polished the watch all night . It shines as new ! I'll contact your two referrals and hope for the best and if you come up with other ideas or leads please contact me . Thanks again .

Roger C, New Jersey USA
Great site. Looking for a NOS solid 14k P2.

Ralph Giglio, USA
Hello. I still have my gold Pulsar date/command model #3130 but have had my band stolen . Does anyone know where I can get one ?

Greg Key, USA
I recently started experiencing a problem with my Date/Command Pulsar. It works fine as long as I don't wear it. Seems to have a temperature problem shortly after I put it on. It refuses to display using either button. After I take it off it displays normally after a short period of time. Any one else have a similar experience? Any suggestions wil be appreciated. Thanks.

Own a 3238 "Astronaut" in Stainless, with the magnet still in the strap. It was purchased by my father in 1972, who as an electrical engineer felt very proud of his timepiece that I now own as a serious watch collector. Not using it, the batteries have lasted over 2 years! As it was worn by my father in the 70's, the batteries seldom lasted 12 over 12 months. Compliments to the websight! I also proudly own a Hamilton electric and a Bulova accutron, that were followed by this solid state marvel.

Giacomo, Italy
Superb site!!!!!! compliments

very nice..........

Jim Beck, USA
I'm new to web-surfing but I can't imagine that web sites get any more helpful and organized than this. I own a "Date Command" model 3386 (its around here somewhere). It stopped working about 1980 ("We can't repair it , parts are no longer available"). I want to fix it and or sell it as is. What is it worth? Thanks for your help.

David, England
Still the No.1 site for Pulsars

Nando, Italy
Complimenti per il sito! Un punto di riferimento per gli orologi Led.

stephen rabinowitz, usa
This is a fantastic informative site, thanks. Have a question, just got an Omega Pulsar type, everything works like it should except it is running 2+ minutes fast per day. Any ideas what can be done? Thanks.

stephen rabinowitz, usa
Interested in the old pulsar, wanted one when they came out but in 1976 hard to locate & went with Wittnauer Polara.

Hugh Rucker, U.S.A.
Thank you for this site. It is through this site that I have learned most of what I know about Pulsars.

R. Pugin, USA
Great site. I am hoping someone can tell me where I can get the band on my Pulsar repaired. It is missing the bpiece that attaches the band to the watch itself. It is 14kt. gold filled. Model 12447 I believe. thanks. If you can help or know who can, please email me. Thanks again.

Chuck Witmer, USA
This is such a great web site. I highly recommend this site and appreciate all those who contribute their time and knowledge.

iggy tee, serbia
First i wanna thank you for this beautifull site.
Im a cilector of led vatches and in my collection i have 2 pulsar and many other led watches.
People in my contry dont know nothing about led watches and every sunday in my city(BELGRADE)have second hand market place where i buy many led watches for 1 , 2 maximum 5 euro.In my collection i have 2 pulsar,1 omega,1 novus,1 timex,2 texas instruments , 1 mbo,1 collins, 1 litronix, 4 womans watch; all of this watches is working and in very good condition.I have and many led watches for parts aprox 30pieces.
I love all of this watches but PULSAR IS NY FAVORITE!!!!

mary, usa
I was cleaning out old jewerly and found a#4912-2 oval gold filled registeration #341220.. haven't seen it in years. took it to the repair man and all it needed was a battery.. works great.. I remember it was made in Lancaster Co. and that was were it was purchased and I live.. love this watch.

Robert, West Coast, USA
Hi, Does anyone know a reputable place to take my Pulsar Executive Auto/Command to be repaired. I think it needs more than a new battery. It looks fantastic, but has been sitting in a drawer for almost 30 years. Any info would be greatly appreciated.


Dennis Roberts, U.S.A.
This is the "PULSAR" place for all of the information regarding the world famous PULSAR...



Larry, U.S.A.
I have four Pulsars in my extensive watch collection, and just love them. Would love to get my hands on a Green LED model. I also need a module for a Classic. Any help would be appreciated.

Greg Key, USA
Great site! Inherited my Dads Date/Command and had a jewler try to replace the original 355 batteries. Thought I was out of luck until I found this site. I'll now try the O-ring tip with the 357 batteries. The original batteries were left in for about 20 years! I'm hoping they didn't cause acid damage. Anyone know a reputable source for repair if I need it? Thanks.

Michael Powell, US
I haven't worn my 3201 in almost 20 years, I've been afraid I might damage it. Now that I've found the site, I'm going to get some batteries and flicking my wrist again.

Daniel, Germany
Hallo everybody,
great site.
I was born in 1973 and my father just showed me his Pulsar Date/Command # 3100.
It is like a trip in an time mashine. does anyone have further information or parts left. The magnet ist still there, i don´t know if it works. The batteries are still in for decades and i hope they ara not broken and have poured out. Daniel

Paul Elosge, USA
Great site! I bought my Executive Auto/Command back in 1976, and tossed the manual for it years ago when it "stopped working". Turns out it was a stuck reed switch used for setting the time, making it useless. While fooling with it several years ago, I tapped it on the table and it freed up the switch. Luckily it uses the same batteries as a camera I have, otherwise I wouldn't have tried this. Since then I've set the time/date by trial and error. Glad to see my missing manual here with the proper instructions again!


g.c., u.s.a.
F.Y.I. if all else has failed and you cannot find a quality tech to repair or refurb your treasured LED pulsar, feel free to write me.

J.D. , USA
I have just had new batteries put in a time computer ..The jeweler set the time but the date is off by a few days. How is the time and date set...I have the little magnet. Is there an instructional page available at this site?

J.D. , USA
Just found the page with instructions...should have read on....Thanks great site and

Cornish Chris, UK
Great site, a absolute wealth of information, keep up the great work.
Well done!!

Marco, Milan, Italy
Fantastic site! Now I have some informations to repair an old Pulsar. Thank you!

Dan Few, USA
This is an update to my earlier text. Sent my Pulsar SS for "repair & cleaning". Parsec cleaned the band and put batteries in my watch and charged me $50. It seemed high to me. they didn't repair the watch it was OK. I feel as though I was taken. They did send me back a
working watch. It took 8 weeks to return it to me, only with constant calls on my part. Beware!!!

paulnevola, usa
i have an original i bought back in '72 or '73 s/s. it hasn't worked in a long while, but i'd like to get it fixed. also where can i get a new led watch??ptn

Russell Frame, Canada
What a treat your site is.Beautiful watches,great hat is off to you.many thanks.



Gerry Slobod, Canada
The new Pulsar style watches take advantage of new technology and they are better than ever. We love LED watches at

Ollie, UK
WOW WOW WOW!!!!!!!

Dan Few, USA
I was delighted to find your website. I own a Pulsar SS and for years wanted it repaired. Thanks to you, I will now send it in to Parsec for repair. Many thanks again.

Jesse Stagg, USA
A brilliant resource for the museum-piece time computers that are PULSAR. Why is it that we
have to look 30 years back to see what the future was supposed to look like? — Jesse

Tony Barber, England (UK)
What a fantastic site, Best there is on old Pulsars And thanks for your help.

George Schmal, usa
Purchased a gold Pulsar Flipwrist in 1975 instead of a Rolex. Quit working several years ago. Would love to find someone who could repair it. Beautiful watch when working.

Erwan Mirabeau, France
I bought a nice pulsar executive in mint condition on Ebay one month ago and the last week-end, during a party the watch stopped displaying time..
A dot (the PM dot) appeared on the display continuously...
I didn't drop the watch and took good car of it.
Do you think there is a procedure of reinitialization or the watch is broken? (perhaps to much movements but it is built to resist 2500 G)
Do you think Parsec could be a good solution?

Phillip Gonsher, USA
Great site. I'll check out the pulsar tonight.

Bill Kennedy, UK
I bought my Date/Command in 1975. The stainless steel bracelet has lost the link closest to the case. Does anyone have these links, or a replacement bracelet?

Nigel, England,London
i own an led tc1 omega,the led is starting 2 break up.. does anyone know how i can find someone to repair my watch?

Eric, USA
They sure don't make them like they used too!

Donald Stanford, USA
Have a Pulsar II in stainless that I inherited from my Dad. I need a new stainless bracelet or the link closest to the body, whatever I can find!...

Dave F., USA
Just picked up a S/S Date/Command at a flea market. Removed the two 355 cells and replaced them with two 357 cells (with two O-rings) and she works like a charm!!! Very helpful website!

VinnieD, USA
I still have the pulsar II
I bought in 1972.But can't find the #357 batterys for it
Great website

George, Australia
What a fantastic website it brought back many memories of my first watch which my uncle purchased for me in Stuttgart Germany whilst on an overseas holiday. It lasted for many years but the watch finally broke down when I immersed my arm in a bucket of water. I then proceeded to take it apart to see if I could fix it and out of curiousity (I was only 13 years old at the time). After I had taken it apart I could not put everything back together again so it went into the rubbish bin. How silly of me. Anyway what a great and interesting site. Thanks for the memories.

christian lyn, u.s.a
These 1970's designs for watches, are more futuristic and well built than the cheap lcd's we have now.Well I guess thats why the buzzword for today is retro.

Mark Sobol, USA
I bought a gold Executive (flick wrist activate) type with my saved busboy money for $400 in 1975. The gold was an extra $100. I have always loved it and still own it. The watch is art.

gregor kruppa, germany
thx for all the good informations!

john gelson, USA

Robert Miller, USA
Thank you for your site, I have many Hamiltons, and you give the respect due to this manufacturer. Sincerely,Robert

Webmaster, USA
The database for the Guestbook has been inadvertainly lost for now. We are trying to get the old posts back up so please wait until you see other post before you make an entry!


Bente, France
After watching this wonderful site, I have decided to buy a Pulsar.

I have done it and now I have since this morning a Date/Command (3120)!

Oliver Pfeifer, Germany
Never saw such great site. Really excellent work. Go on this way.

Hanno, Germany
I have watches for sale and repair Pulsar modules!

griff, uk
i have a Pulsar model II
(astronaut) that needs
repairing....? any
suggestions welcome.

Dr. Ed Edmondson, USA
I worked for G.H. Thiess and Wille C. as a tech when electrodata was sold to HW. Thiess and Wille C. started their own watch and clock company in Garland, Texas off of first street. They didn't have the resources or funding to compete with HW so the were attempting to build their own watches using early 40 series cmos IC's and a display made by litronix. This was after ED and Georges' patent were boughtout by HW. George and willie started their own firm. In addition to the watch they made large square clocks constructed of discrete logic and Incandescent auto bulbs with wire leads. The sales of the Cube clocks funded the development of the LED watches. George's company also made the first digital car clock and a picture frame clock using the MM5314 and Pinlight seven segment incandescent displays. These clocks took a diode for every segment on each display. That is 42 1N914 and/or 1N4148 diodes not counting the diodes for the rectifier and 60 Hz circuitry. The reason I know is that I wored there and my hobby at that time was designing and building clocks like the one in an early issue of popular electronic magazine. Did I mention that George's company was in the process of adapting the LCD display into a watch

Richard, England
I'm 35 and one of my fondest memories of childhood is discovering the amazing LED watch (I had an LED calculator first, used to lie in bed in the dark amazed by the display).
I've been hunting for LED watches for years without too much success, until now, e bay is great (but very addictive).
This site is great, very friendly and imformative (and no adverts!)
Keep up the good work guys.
Thanks, Rich.

Stephen Malakos, England
I love LED displays and I wil to write FLash animations for my retail site. I have just discovered a totaly new type of LED display that has sub-miniature LED's aranged in a circle. Its called a SOLsuno
I have placed an animation of
I like you site and would like to exchange links.

Claude Wills, USA
Have 14kt gold filled Pulsar II(model 3276) without date feature. All original packing, instructions, both magnets for sale. Excellent condition.


David, England
Has anybody visited the Hamilton Watch Museum in Lancaster? Was it worth going from a Pulsar point of view? Would appreciate your thoughts.

Paul Wright, U.S.A. Ky.
What a great site! I was looking around in my old jewelry box the other day and found my old Date/command 14kt. goldfilled watch with a leather pulsar band/14kt GF buckle, including the original magnet. Wow! It's in mint condition, too. The Pulsar label has worn off, but all the same the leather band and the entire watch looks great. I believe the model is a #3376. However, the number on the back is #13888. I found a set of batteries the other day and the watch is keeping perfect time. I bought this watch in the early 70's, but for some reason just wore it for about a year. I believe the batteries went dead and lost interest. The memories associated with it are all good, since I was in my early 20's. Thanks again for this site.



Doug Cooper, USA
I own a Date Command, and my wife has an oval ladies model. This is the first time I had ever thought to see if anyone else had an interest is these watches. Great to see there are others that love them.

Alan Finch, USA
I own a Pulsar #3230 in stainless. Had it since 1978. Great website!

Jude Crisostomo , Manila,Philippines
Thank you,Juergen! I appreciate your quick response. hope my(formerly my father's!) executive will work soon. a safe and Merry Christmas to all!!!!

Nick Howarth, North Wales (UK)
Thanks to DK who steered me towards this site. I have a Omega TC1 whose module caliber 1600 was obtained from Pulsar. I am now keen to add Pulsars to my collection. Hello to all enthusiasts out there.

Salvador Garcia Oyarvide, Mexico
I have one pulsar model 980234, i want noe more about my watch and where I can find an other whatch in Mexico .
I live in Ciudad Valles, S.L.P., Mexico

Peter Muller, Belgium
My congratulations, I loved the pulsar watches when they came out in the 70's. I saved my pennies and bought a mens executtive, which I have kept and used ever since. I always wondered if anyone still had any, and now I can afford them - where I might be able to acquire other models.. the hunt was on, and one fine day I discovered this wonderful website, created with so much care. I feel I can reach back thrity years and bring a memory to life, enjoying it for a second time. Thanks for the site, and thanks to the designers of the pulsar. I'd like to shake you by the hand to congratulate you on your inspiration.

Michael McArt, USA
Oh, what a cruel site. Like a child in toy store just before Christmas. Best on the net.

Simon.A., UK
Just completing my collection.
Gotta keep this site going!
(still need a P-1 though !)

Robert A., USA
Great site. Picked upa PULAR at a flea market Saturday, and learned how to set it from this site. Very Pleased. Look forward to finding more Pulsars.

Munirah Ibrahim, Malaysia
Hope i'll get more information from Pulzar

Alan Morris, USA
Have 4406-2. Cannot set time.
Needs repair. Where in USA are
repairs done. Thank you.

Kareem Mills, USA
Executive 5201-2 Passes down from my father needs work but I love it so (if can repair or have parts please e-mails me)

samy gorodezky, israel
great site a lot off information.i love led pulsars since i was 13 and i have three working led pulsars.

Farrah , USA
I have an executive that needs his pulsar repair.. does anyone have any idea where i can have it repaired.thank you

James young, England
I remember these watches at school and even today they still have so much style

Joe, United States
Thank you so much for maintaining this site. What a great source of information. Three Pulsars and counting.

t couck, belgium
I remember when my father brought home a LED watch
Then and now it is a fascinating way of telling time ( but not a practical way )
I'm a fultime watchrepairer,
but no LED's come my way for repair.
Very intresting site.
Did you check Spoon , they've come up with a new LED watch.
( or is it LCD with a backlight?)

bob camarena, usa
I have a executive that i purchased in the early 70's as a teenager. It may need repair, any suggestions, email me!!

Jason Thain, UK
Excellent site, which I shall study in detail before buying my Pulsar LED.

rick chandler, usa
before i get email i have no modules and do not repaire.

rick chandler, usa
thanks for the effort you have used to pull this off. i buy and sell led's of all types and will have people use your site to gain a understanding of this watch...

charles kearns, usa
I have the executive and pulsar II, that need repair.

Matt Owen , USA
I am desperately needing a 402 module for a executive 3201...#229075 can anyone help?

Bill Dawson, USA
Nice site. I found all the information I needed for my Ladies 4406-2. I offer the same kind of information on my site for the SWTPC line of vintage computers,

dave sarlin, usa
Have a ladies watch, gf, 1973 gf ,men's watch, and need 4-5 expansion links. Also would like an autocommand.

Ron Farkas, US
Found your site very interesting; would suggest that you include the original retail prices of the various models

I also have been desperate to find repair/parts for a 1974 Pulsar...#999573...ans...#P970065...HELP!!!

Alexandra Petti, USA
I have been trying desperately to find someone who repairs Pulsar module LED watches. I sent them to Coserv, who bought the name "Pulsar", and they sent them back unrepaired. Does anyone out there know who does LED repairs? HELP!!!

faye, USA
I have to of the original ladies pulsar watches, but one of them does not work. I would like to know if you could tell me where I can
get it repaired? thank you. this is the first time for me on this site.

Paul W. Rosen, USA
1973 Pulsar, SST case, ruby lens. Lens is scratched. Can lens be polished, or must it be replaced? Any lenses out there? Logo is on the case, not the lens. Thanks.

Bodo Wuensch, Germany
As a owner of a Pulsar II since 1985 (donated by friend saying: too old-fashioned stuff) I love my watch and use it every day.
I like this cool Site!

Jonathan Huntley, Scotland, UK.
Excellent site on a subject I have been most interested in for many years.

Lloyd, U.K
Looking for Pulsar LED watches & Pulsar related material. Or just email me for a chat !

magnus, sweden
Really cool site!

Peter, USA
Looking for Pulsar watch made around 1973 by Time Computer Inc,m now out of business. Not the new one made by seiko. I have one and am looking to repair it with the new one. Great sentimental value

Patrick J. Castillo, USA
Kudos on your wonderful site, since 1973 I and my wife have owned Pulsar LED watches, it's great to see others who want to keep the legend alive

Dave, UK
I am looking for the'P' shaped gold coloured setting magnet for the P1. This site has just got better over the years.

Zackarias, Sweden
As a (now former) webmaster on this site, dedicated to Pulsar LED, it's an honor to have Mr Bergeys entry (see below) in my guestbook. Thank you sir.

John M. Bergey, USA
As president of Pulsar from it's inception to it's sale, I have many fond memories rekindled by this site.

Leon, Denmark
A year ago I bought my first LED - not an original Pulsar, but a Moore Gay copy of an Omega. Originally it costed $250 but i got it for $75...
I love my watch and I know that I'll be spending alot more money on original LEDs...
I love this site and all other sites dealing with 70ties stuff...

Roger Johansson, Sweden
I just buy it,PULSAR II 2900
from 1973.I am lucky man.

stephen cotner, usa
correction to my note dated 6-14-00,zickfield's jewelry store has sold all their stock of the pulsars.sorry

William Avrich, USA
Bill Bixby (Incredible Hulk) starred in a TV series called "The Magician," that aired from 10/73 to 5/74. Throughout this series, he wears a Pulsar II (model 2900). There are many neat close-ups of the watch throughout the series.

William Avrich, USA
I am looking for a working module for a mint Pulsar II (model 2900). I will also purchase a beat-up Pulsar II just for the module, if the price is right.


lenny gough, AUST
I just bourght my first 3130 today for $45 Aust
And this site is excelent by far the best on the

Jesse Stewart, USA
Where can we get technical information on repairing these wonderful LED watches?

im interested in purchasing
a pulsar exec model 14carot filled
NOS please email if you can

Arne Hĺveland, Sweden
It fascinate me to see that my watch is still alive. I saw it on TV in 1975 and I felt that I must have one. If Bond and Kojak have a LED why can't I? It went 63 seconds wrong in one year so it was sent back to USA and I got a new one! Some days ago I saw "Live and Let Die" the Bond movie and I became nostalgic. There it was, the LED-watch. Now I found this URL.

Roger Nowicki, South Africa
It's great to see others that still own or collect Pulsar LED watches. I bought mine new in 1973 in San Francisco!

LED Lloyd, UK
Collectors, feel free to contact me, if you want to talk about your LED addiction !! well done for sorting the guestbook problem.

Pauly, USA
FANTASTIC SITE!! I used to stray away from Pulsar LEDs because I thought that they were all hype. But, I've got one now and I wear it all day, every day. I am hooked and I'm looking to expand my ever growing collection of watches.

Neil, Canada
I always end up back at this site. The Pulsars seem to have caught my interest and have kept it. Thanks for such a great site Zack!

Jon Jerman, USA
This website is absolutely fascinating. I am not sure I want to sell the watch now.I apologize for the inaccuracy of my item description

Mark Martin, USA
The best Pulsar resource on the web! My brother's friend had a very early Pulsar when I was about 7 years old. I never forgot it, and I'm a proud owner now myself!

Steve Gomez, USA
In 1975 I purchased a date command with "flip" control.

Craig McAhren, USA
This is a great site!Very infomative a intuitive resourse,Thanks and keep up the good work!! Craig ;)

Samy Gorodezky, Israel
Very nice site end very helpful for those people like me that we love pulsar watches

Nick Calantonio, USA
I can do repairs on most led watches. I also have modules for sale and cases and bands.No Pulsar stuff for sale at this time.Please e-mail me Nick

Ken, UK
truly wonderful site - sincere thanks to Z. Holtelius, molekyl & team. ever since Live &
Let Die…

Blake A Zallwice,
Absolutely love this site. Was too young in the seventies to afford an LED watch but
always wanted one. Through the links on your site I was able to find a watch to buy.

Bruce Tovsky, USA
My wife's grandfather worked for Hamilton and designed the cases of the early Pulsars. He's still alive and well making watches in Florida. I first saw one of his watches on my brother-in-law and said I've got to have one! Now I have two