Smithsonian The Smithsonian Institute, the Museum of American history's information about the invention of the Hamilton/Pulsar watch, the world's first digital LED watch! The Smithsonian recognizes the importance of this invention in the history of timepieces and the museum has on display one of the very rare 18k Limited Edition P1 models. Here's more SI links...... "Hamilton-Pulsar" or  "John Bergey" 

"Pulsar makes top 20" The Pulsar LED watch is selected by the experts as one of the top twenty watches of the century! This is an article that you MUST read, this is the "In Your Face" recognition Pulsar deserves and now even those "Mechanical" watch collectors have to admit it is a REAL watch!

"Pulsar makes top 50" In a lineup of The 50 Greatest Gadgets of the Past 50 Years, the magazine, PC World has the Pulsar LED watch at #22. No other wristwatch even made it to the list. If you think about all the watches incorporating gadgets over the years, I would say Pulsar really is the King!

Planet-LED  This website (owned & operated by Steve Kamerad) was unfortunately closed but we have dedicated a page to what was a fantastic site for enthusiasts to find a good and reliable Pulsar watch.

The Led Watch  Lloyd Harvey's LED website! This is a NEW site from a collector in the UK who focuses on Pulsars & more plus he has a few watches "FOR SALE".....This is another great website to get your fix and you might want to keep an eye on this one!

LED watches of the seventies  A nice site with different LED watches by Juergen Hofstaedter in Germany. He's also got a watch or two "FOR SALE" on occasion.

Magic Digitals  Another great site of interest for the LED watch collector. This one was created by Peter Wenzig in Germany. He always has some interesting watches to share with us..........have a look!

MondeWatch  A very nice LED site from a collector in Japan with fantastic detailed pictures of different Pulsar models and more.

Watch it!  A watch site including an article by Pieter Doensen


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