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How to Set your watch: It should be noted that all P1, P2, and P3 models are magnet set. P4 models were manufactured both ways except the "Day of the Week and 24 hour models, they were all Auto-Set. Depending on the production date, some casebacks still had the indented slots for the magnet but were Auto-Set models. Normally the lettering stamped in the indentation was not painted on these models. I always try setting the watch using the Auto-Set method first and go from there.

Batteries: The original #355 batteries Pulsar used in the early models are  no longer in production so other batteries have to be used with custom spacers. Please check the specifications of each model on this site for the proper battery to use. Below are ways to make the spacers for the models that need then. If you can't find the battery I have in the specifications in your part of the world then this chart will help you find the correct battery sold today.

Watch Battery Cross Reference Table

Cell replacement instructions

Make your own spacers:
The spacers for the 357 batteries used in the older Pulsars can be made very easily. I took a #357 battery and an old non-working module to the local hardware store and found a clear rubber tubing that fit perfectly. I then cut slivers (about 3/8" long) from the tubing and wala, exactamonday!

This is an alternative method:

Some used a rubber O-Ring, I found that they are hard to keep on the cell while handling but this is a quick fix for those who only have one or two watches.


* * * Alert * * *

Do Not Use 625A batteries to replace the original 355 cells or 357 cells with spacers. These 625A batteries are far too thick and will certainly damage the module inside your Pulsar. When the caseback is tightened , the pressure will crack the module. There is no way to repair this! 

Click on the links below to see the specification sheet for each battery. You will see that the 625A cells are 25% thicker than the original 355 batteries.

Specifications for the #355

Specifications for the 625A

"Don't Kill another Pulsar"


** C a u t i o n **

Time Screen Removal:

This method is strictly recommended for all Pulsar LED and relate watches such as the Hamilton QED-1, QED-2 and the Omega TC-1 & TC-2 watches that have the mineralite GLASS crystal. It is important that you know what type of crystal your Pulsar watch has, there are several types used in the later models. If while looking at the crystal from the side you see a thin Clear layer on the top surface then your crystal is a SAPPHIRE and will most likely be damaged from the heat. Another way of identifying a sapphire crystal is that the Pulsar logo is always printed on the backside of the sapphire so you will notice the logo is "Under the Glass" so to speak. I also warn that if the crystal has any hairline crack(s) then the crystal will come out in pieces and you will not be able to reused it so please inspect your watch with a bright light prior to trying to remove the crystal.


Completely disassemble the watch case and place it in either a regular or toaster oven setting the preheat temperature to 325-350 degrees. After 20 - 30 minutes remove it (I use a heavy thick towel) and push the filter out from the back (inside the case). You should only need light pressure and be careful not to push on the display buttons for they may come out too. If you're planning to remove the display button(s) then crank up the temperature to 375-425 degrees and push them until they come loose from the case. This is a bit more difficult procedure to get the button back in the correct way so unless your mechanically inclined then it's best to leave this to others!

Scrape & clean all surfaces and replace the new filter using a two part clear epoxy. You can find it at any local hardware store. Never mix any color(s) as this will weaken the epoxy, besides DeVcon makes a "Black" two part epoxy that you should find right next to the clear in most stores. This is as close to the original as your going to get and this Black takes (6) six hours to set so you have more time to work with the watch. Let me say that I have done hundreds of restorations and I have never had any problems seeing the case lip behind the crystal unless your looking at it with a floodlight!

There is however an additional step if your restoring a Men's Dress model, this one you will have to paint the area of the case below the crystal prior to installing the crystal, I use my wife's black nail polish (Please don't tell Her).

Use a solvent (read the manufacture instructions on the epoxy package) to clean up any excess epoxy with a Q-tip soaked in the solvent. Isopropyl Alcohol (rubbing alcohol) works fine with any of the Devcon products. If you make a mess, just remove the crystal, clean everything up and try it again, it may take a few times to get the knack of it!

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